Published on April 13th, 2007 9:59 pm EST

This is just sick.

Rainkhan, well known SNG and tournament player, has currently won five World Series of Poker seats already, and we haven't even hit mid April yet. With a full month and a half left before the World Series of Poker gets underway, I would say that there is a great shot that Rainkhan could win 10 seats before all is said and done.

To me, playing in these World Series of Poker satellite events is very smart for a good player. They are definitely EV+. Why? Think of all of the lesser players "taking their shot" for a chance at a World Series of Poker seat. In your typical $160 Double Shootout, you are going to half at least half of the field that are scared players, playing above their bankroll. For a good player like Rainkhan who is not afraid of losing, this is definitely a winning proposition. Imagine Rainkhan three-handed for a World Series of Poker seat with two weaker players. Can you say bubble abuse? Considering Rainkhan can just unregister his seat and get $12,000 in T$, this is a very profitable venture and a great way to pad his tournament dollars for the future.

I would recommend any strong poker players to play as many of these World Series of Poker satellites as humanly possible. They are certainly EV+.