Definition of Misclick

What does the term "misclick" mean in the world of poker, particularly online poker? What is the definition of the term "misclick"?

The term "misclick" was popularized via online poker and refers to when a player accidentally performs an action that they didn't mean to.

For instance - you are dealt 7-2 on the button and somebody goes all-in from early position. You aren't paying attention as you have multiple tables running, so you accidentally click the "call" button and end up losing most of your stack. This is a "misclick" as you clearly had no intention of calling the all-in bet.

The meaning and definition of the poker term misclick.  What is it and what is a good example of it?

The term has made its way over to the world of live poker as well and refers to when a person makes a stupid decision without thinking it through, perhaps because they aren't paying attention.

For instance, let's say that you are tired and look down at pocket Threes in the BB. There was a raise from early position, though you didn't notice that there was an all-in push as well after that. You decide that you are going to re-raise from the BB as you think the initial raiser is weak, but you didn't notice that there was an all-in move as well. This would qualify as a "misclick", as if you had taken a moment to surmise the situation, you would have realized that your hand was an insta-fold.

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