Definition of Bink

What is a "bink" in the poker world? What is the definition of the term "bink"?

In poker, a "bink" refers to a big win in a tournament.

For instance, somebody might say - "I entered a 1,000 player tournament and binked it for $7k". This means that they won the tournament and collected $7,000.

The meaning of the poker term Bink is explained in this article.  In photo: Stylized lettering over a money background.

"Bink" is definitely a term that originated during the past decade or so. You would never hear Doyle Brunson saying that he "binked" a tournament - this is a term that has been coined for the newer generation of predominantly online players.

It is the goal of all poker players to "bink" a big tournament - most notably, the World Series of Poker.

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