Definition of Loose Aggressive

What does the term "loose aggressive" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "loose aggressive"?

In poker, "loose aggressive" refers to a player who gets involved in many pots and plays his hands aggressively.

An acronym for the loose aggressive player is "LAG".

The definition and meaning of the term Loose Aggressive when it comes to the game of poker.  The King provides an example.

A skilled loose aggressive player can be very tough to play against, as you will have a very hard time putting them on hands. Due to their loose style of play, they will likely win large pots when they do have the goods due to the other players at the table not believing the strength of their hands.

In order to be successful, a loose aggressive player must be able to read his opponents and make proper laydowns. There is nothing wrong with putting pressure on your opponents, but you must also know when to get out of the way.

A loose aggressive player (let's say that it's you that is playing LAG in this case), for instance, might raise from middle position pre-flop holding 4d-5d. Let's say that the button and the BB both call.

Let's say that the flop comes 4c-4s-Kc. This is when playing loose aggressive pays out for you, as you have trip 4s and your opponents will almost certainly not be able to put you on a hand. If you have a history of playing Loose Aggressive, the Button or BB might end up giving you all of their chips, especially if they flopped a pair of Kings.

If you are the LAG at the table and a person plays back at you hard, you will want to seriously consider whether or not you want to continue in the hand.

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