Definition of Angle Shooting

What does the term "angle shooting" mean in the world of poker? What does it mean to shoot an angle in poker?

In poker, angle shooting occurs when a player uses unfair trickery in an attempt to win a hand. Angle shooting can range from something that involves poor etiquette all the way to outright cheating.

The King is giving thumbs down to the practice of Angle Shooting.  Defines the term and provides example. Do not do it!

Angle shooters are looked down upon in the world of poker and for good reason. Let's take a look at a couple of instances of angle shooting.

While holding the nuts and facing a river bet, an angle shooter says "raise" while just putting in a call. After saying "raise", the player tries to correct themselves, pretending like they just wanted to call. The tournament director comes over and rules that the angle shooter must put in a mini-raise, as they declared "raise".

Their opponent believes that the angle shooter is weak, so they elect to call the mini-raise, while the angle shooter triumphantly turns over the nuts.

Another example of shooting an angle - while playing in a friendly home cash game, an angle shooter keeps some of their more expensive chips tucked in behind their less valuable chips, which makes it appear as though they have less chips than they actually do.

During the game, an opponent looks over the size of their stack and declares that they are all-in, as they believe that the angle shooter only has $100 or so left in their stack. The angle shooter, however, has much more, much to the chagrin of the player who put them all-in.

This is another example of shooting an angle.

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