Definition of Card Rack

What does the term "cardrack" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "cardrack" in the world of poker?

In poker, a "cardrack" is slang for somebody who is currently enjoying a very hot run of cards.

The definition of the poker term Card Rack.  Example provided by the Texas Holdem King.

For instance - let's say that you are playing in a multi-table tournament at your local casino.

Over the course of just one orbit, you are dealt Aces twice, Kings once and A-K in another hand.

In each instance, you are able to get your chips into the middle of the table pre-flop against someone that you are dominating. In all four cases, your hand holds up and you take down a massive pot.

In this case, there would be ample ammunition to call you a "cardrack".

If someone is a "cardrack", you can also say that they are "running hot" or "sunrunning" (aka running as hot as the sun).

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