Definition of Limp Into a Pot

What does the term "limping into a pot" mean in the world of poker? What does it mean to limp into a pot?

In the poker world, "limping into a pot" refers to when you choose to simply call the minimum bet pre-flop, rather than raising or folding.

The definition and meaning of ther term Limp into a pot.  Poker is the game.

For instance - let's say that you are playing in an online MTT. Action is nearing the money bubble, so play has gotten especially tight.

You are on the button and action folds around to you. Instead of putting in a standard raise from the button (you should really be raising any two cards in this situation, especially given the close proximity to the bubble), you look down at J-J and decide to simply call, or "limp". You decide that you want to try to trap a player who is raising from either the SB or BB.

The danger with this move? The SB and BB are likely to come along, and they could easily outflop you.

For instance, the flop might come 9d-9s-4s. You think that your hand looks great and you decide to bet after a couple of checks from your opponents. You are met, however, with a raise from the BB. Is he bluffing? Did he flop a nine? Your lack of a raise preflop means that your opponent could be holding absolutely anything, and you really don't know where you are at in the hand.

Limping into a pot certainly has its place in some cases, though limping too much is a sure sign that you are a novice player and easily exploitable.

You should always mix up your play to balance things out. Though, having said that, limping from the button is almost never a good move, unless you are trying to induce somebody in the SB or BB to shove.

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