Published on August 6th, 2006, 10:11 pm EST

Prahlad Friedman is, without a doubt, quite the character. He's an extremely successful No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha player. He's young. He's good looking. He's controversial. And he raps. Badly.

With Friedman currently in 12th place in the World Series of Poker with 65 left, I thought that it would be a good time to write up a profile on the man. This is a man who won a bracelet at the Pot Limit Hold'em event in 2003 and then went on a tirade about George W. Bush. This is a man who is not afraid to cause controversy online, and frequently plays in the biggest of games.

He goes by many names online. Mahatma. Spirit Rock. imsleeping. He is, without a doubt, one of the top online cash players. What makes him so tough is his erratic play. He'll make huge overbets after the river with nothing and the nuts. He'll call down anything if he has a read. From various accounts, he has won and lost millions online. According to who you talk to, he is either broke or sitting on millions.

He is not afraid to speak his mind, and that's a good thing. He'll go head to head with the best: Phil Ivey, Mike Matusow, whoever. He is still in his 20's, and if he could get a hold of his tilting problem, would be undoubtedly the best player online. Friedman is prone to massive tilt still, probably owning to his relative youngness.

And did I mention the rapping? Friedman is also a "rapper." Look around enough and you'll see some of his work online. Trust me when I say it's bad; really bad.