Published on April 1st, 2007 9:51 pm EST

If you are trying to provide full coverage of the world of online poker, you sometimes have to examine the slimy underbelly of the online poker world. Just like in any other world, you have your gossip, your innuendo, and your unsubstantiated stories.

Chantal McNulty burst onto the scene when heads-up limit specialist Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf announced that he had left his long-time fiancee for Chantal McNulty. As the story goes, McNulty intimated that she had feelings for Woolf, and subsequently Woolf broke down and announced that he was leaving his long-time fiancee to start a relationship with McNulty.

Needless to say, the relationship did not last for long, and soon there were rumors flying. Rumors that McNulty had just been using Woolf in order to get staked into tournaments and develop his own bankroll.

Rumors also spread that McNulty had hooked up with other high profile poker players, including Brad Booth and others.

Rumor had it that McNulty was mentally unbalanced, suffering from bipolar disorder and being prone to wild rages.

McNulty has recently shelled out some bucks to have a breast implant, and could be seen in a recent interview having her new best friends felt up by equally hot Amanda Letherman. In recent interviews, McNulty has said that she is absolutely dominating live games as of late, but that is hard to substantiate as well.

What really happened between McNulty and Neverwin? Is McNulty being financed now by a "name" poker player? Is all of this bunk and is she really just a good girl? I guess we'll never know, but her name will live on in online poker lore forever.