Elphege Delarosbil Wins $460,149

Published on August 21st, 2017 12:56 pm EST

Playground Poker Club - Logo - Black background.It's the dream of cash game grinders everywhere who play in "live" casinos - taking a horrific bad beat, only to win a massive "bad beat" jackpot.

This is exactly what happened to Elphege Delarosbil last week when he was dealt pocket Jacks in a $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em cash game at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal.

After a flop of Jc-6h-9s, Delarosbil looked in phenomenal shape to win the hand. He slow-played his Jacks, which would turn out to be a life-changing move.

The turn brought the Jack of Spades, giving Delarosbil quad Jacks. Little did he know, however, that Shane Galle had turned a gutshot straight draw, as he held Qs-8s.

The river brought the 10 of spades, giving Galle a straight flush. After a bunch of betting, Galle and Delarosbil tabled their hands. After the table realized what was going on, they erupted in celebration, as they had all just won the Bad Beat jackpot.


With the "bad beat" jackpot, the "loser" in the hand gets the biggest share, followed by the winner of the hand, the rest of the table and then anyone seated at a poker table in the room when the jackpot hit.

In this instance, Delarosbil received $460,149, Galle walked away with $230,088 and the rest of the table all received $32,870.

In addition, everyone playing in the room at the time received $1,224.


Here is the aftermath of the hand: