Published on March 10th, 2006 4:47 pm EST

I'm sure by now that you have all heard about these two characters. Two very, very good young poker players that led their greed get the best of them. Two young, stupid poker players who thought that they would increase their edge and enter multiple accounts into the SAME tournaments. Two young players who both had hundreds of thousands of dollars confiscated from their accounts.

The thing that struck me during this whole fiasco was how bad of liars these two were. When it was revealed that JJProdigy had entered two accounts into the Party 500k, and won under his previously unknown account "ablackcar", he made up a story about how that was his grandmother's account, and when she had done really well in the tournament, he had decided to take over the account and finish up the tournament for her. An investigation by Party Poker determined this story to be completely bogus, as both accounts were playing from the same IP address.

When Zeejustin was busted, he tried to make the argument that although he did enter multiple accounts into tournaments, he would play so many other different tables at one time that his edge was negated, due to the fact that he wasn't solely focusing on the tournaments that he had multiple accounts in. Forget the fact that he was straight up cheating by entering multiple accounts; he tried to deflect criticism by saying that the ZeeJustin account had become too well-known. People didn't buy this either. Zeejustin is in a worse spot than JJProdigy for two reasons: he's older (JJProdigy is only 16, I think people might forgive him in the future), and Zeejustin has played in live tournaments, so people know who he is. If he plays in a live tournament from now on, he'll be cussed out and ribbed mercilessly, and maybe even blacklisted from playing.

If you get caught multi-accounting, please come up with a better excuse than "it was my grandmother's account."