Who is "str8flushin5"?

Published on March 13th, 2008 12:15 am EST

david benyamine is using his girlfriends account at pokerstars - Erica Schoenberg - poker name - str8flushin5If you follow the high stakes cash games on Pokerstars, then you have likely see the player known as "str8flushin5" in action.

This player seemingly popped up out of nowhere and has dominated a number of different games on the site. The games all have one thing in common - they are all ultra-high stakes.

Whenever a name pops up out of nowhere and suddenly starts to dominate the high stakes cash games, people start to speculation as to the identity of the player. Is it a well-known pro? And if so, who is it?

In this case, the identity of "str8flushin5" seems to be David Benyamine.

Actually the account apparently belongs to his girlfriend, Erica Schoenberg, but Benyamine is the person that is using the account.

Daniel Negreanu mentioned in a game on Pokerstars that "str8flushin5" is a "well-known Frenchman", plus there seems to be other evidence making the rounds on the Internet that the "str8flushin5" account belongs to Benyamine's girlfriend.

Benyamine is known for using a wide array of different accounts because he is superstitious. If he takes a substantial loss on one account, then he will move to another.

The question is: if "str8flushin5" is in fact Benyamine, then why is Pokerstars letting him play on this account, while other players (such as "neverwin") receive suspensions for playing on other accounts? Is there a double standard here?