Published on June 5th, 2007 6:40 pm EST

isaac haxton - poker playerPlenty of people have money tied up in Neteller right now. Most people have maybe $200, $300, maybe even a $1000 tied up in Neteller limbo. Some higher limit players that I have spoken with have $30,000+ tied up in Neteller. However, I believe that Isaac Haxton has the most money of anyone tied up in Neteller right now, and he will likely be the happiest when funds do eventually get released, likely sometime in late July, early August.

Let's take you back to the Pokerstars PCA, which was eventually won by Ryan Daut. Well, Isaac Haxton came in second place. Most people don't know this, but Pokerstars just deposited the winnings into Pokerstars players accounts, rather than just give them cash on the spot. So, Ryan Daut had his entire winnings deposited to his "Daut44" account, etc.

Well, Isaac Haxton, upon seeing his newfound wealth sitting in his account, decided to immediately withdraw it via Neteller. He picked about the worst time possible, as his money was frozen in Neteller just as he was going to withdraw it. $800k, just sitting in limbo for many months. For a young person, we are sure that having $800k of your money frozen can't be too fun.

However, Neteller released a statement yesterday, saying that their US customers would soon be able to withdraw their funds, and they would be providing their customers with a 180 day window to do so.

Wherever Isaac Haxton was in the world at the time, we are sure that he was doing jumping jacks upon hearing this news.