FTOPS XI 2-Day NLHE Event Underway

Published on February 14th, 2009 10:12 pm EST

ftops xi - full tilt tournamentThe two-day, $2500 No Limit Hold'em event at FTOPS XI is currently underway.

There are 500 entrants in the tournament who paid the $2,500 buy-in, creating one of the most talent-laden fields in the history of online poker.

The event has been running for eight hours now, and there are currently 83 players left in the tournament.

"Bzola" is currently leading the way with a chip stack of roughly 132k.

Some of the other well-known names that are still left in the tournament include:

"PostFlopAction" - 86k
"SCTrojans08" - 82k
"TheWacoKidd" - 66k
"gboro780" - 59k
"Halfrek" - 48k
"Roothlus" - 40k
"Actionjeff" - 35k
"Genius28" - 29k
Brian Hastings - 14k
"Spirit Rock" - 14k

The "young guns" are dominating this tournament, as evidenced by the list of names above.

Names such as Erick Lindgren, Mike Matusow and Allen Cunningham have all been eliminated from the tournament.

As a matter of fact, there are no well-known "live" pros remaining in this tournament - the remainder of the field is completely dominated by young poker pros who made their names and reputations online.

The first place winner will receive $625k, while the runner-up will receive $387,500.

The top 54 spots will pay.

This tournament was last won by "amak316".

The tournament will be paused sometime this evening, and the event will be finished on Sunday afternoon. The structure of the tournament demands that the event be split up into two days, or else the event would run well into Sunday morning.

We'll have another update for you once this tournament finishes up on Sunday.