Tom Dwan Wins Massive Pot With Aces Against Kings

Published on August 15th, 2017 2:38 am EST

Poker After Dark - Logo / promotional image.Tom "durrrr" Dwan picked up where he left off on Monday night after winning a massive $700,000 against Antonio Esfandiari on the latest episode of "Poker After Dark".

The legend of "durrrr" was cemented a number of years ago during his appearances on "Poker After Dark" and "High Stakes Poker". During his appearances on the shows, Dwan flummoxed his opponents, as he was able to get the best of the likes of Barry Greenstein and Howard Lederer. After appearing on these shows, Dwan took on an almost mythical status in the world of poker.

After "Black Friday" took place, the market for televised poker in the United States crumbled, which meant that shows like "Poker After Dark" and "High Stakes Poker" were taken off the air. Dwan decided to travel the world, playing in high stakes cash games in Macau and Manila. Dwan's disappearance from the limelight led to a number of wild rumors surfacing.


Three new episodes of "Poker After Dark" are filming at the ARIA in Las Vegas this week, and Dwan is set to appear all three days. After years out of the public eye, Dwan decided that he was finally ready to return to the limelight.

Tonight's line-up includes the likes of Dwan, Jean-Robert Bellande, Antonio Esfandiari and Daniel Negreanu.

In the hand that produced the $700,000 pot, Negreanu was dealt pocket Queens, Esfandiari was dealt pocket Kings and Dwan was dealt pocket Aces.

In the end, Negreanu ended getting out of the way pre-flop after Dwan pushed all-in, while Esfandiari decided to make the call.

You can see what happened next:


It's safe to say that when it comes to televised cash games, locking horns with Tom Dwan is not the smartest thing to do.