Definition of Got The Nuts

What does the term "I've got the nuts" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of "I've got the nuts"?

In poker, "having the nuts" means that you have the absolute best hand possible. When you have the nuts, no other hand can possibly beat you.

Definition of Got the Nuts in the game of poker.  The King explains the meaning and provides an example.

For instance - let's say that you are playing at your local casino. You are dealt pocket Aces and get into a long, drawn-out hand against one other player.

After the river card is dealt, the board looks like this:


You have Quad Aces at this point, which is an unbeatable hand. The only two hand types that can beat Quad Aces are a straight flush and royal flush, and there isn't a possibility for either on this board.

You put out one last river bet, your opponent goes in and you quickly call. Your opponent turns over K-Q for trip Kings, and you flip over your Quads.

"I've got the nuts", you say, as you have an unbeatable hand.

It can be hard to extract chips from your opponent when you have the nuts, as you have the best possible hand and your opponent will always fear that you have a better hand as they don't have the nuts.

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