Definition of Hijack

What does the term "hijack" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "hijack seat" in poker?

The term "hijack" in poker refers to the player who is sitting two seats right of the "button" and one seat to the right of the "cutoff".

Over the years, automatic button raises have become far too common. This evolved into "cutoff" players starting to raise more, as their raises were more likely to be seen as "strong".

What is the meaning of the term Hijack in poker?  Definition by the King.

This evolved into the "hijack" position, which refers to a player being able to exhibit strength by raising ahead of both the button and cutoff in an attempt to steal the blinds. The idea is that a player in the "hijack seat" can raise with a weaker holding, which might lead both the button and cutoff to reconsider their own raises if they are holding inferior cards. This might allow the player in the "hijack" to steal the blinds.

If a player on the button raises, many players are suspicious. If a player in the cutoff raises, the SB, BB and button might all be suspicious, given the growth in cutoff opens over the years in an attempt to steal the blinds.

With a player raising two off from the button, however, more players may respect this raise, thus "hijacking" the blinds.

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