Definition of Drawing Dead

What Does "Drawing Dead" Mean?

"Drawing Dead" is when a player has absolutely no chance to win a hand, no matter what card is dealt next.


Everyone folds around to the button, who puts in a standard 3x raise. The small blind folds, and you look down at 4d-6d. You decide to call.

Drawing Dead - Definition and meaning in the poker game, by the King.

The flop comes 8d-8c-Jd. You check, and the button bets. You call, chasing your flush draw.

The turn is the Ace of diamonds, making your flush. You check, your opponent bets, you push all-in and your opponent calls without hesitation.

You flip over your flush, but your opponent shows you 8s-8h for flopped Quads.

In this scenario, you were drawing dead on both the turn and the river. This means that no matter what card came on the turn or river, you had 0% chance of winning the hand.

Example II:

You are dealt A-K in the button. The action has folded around to you, so you put in a raise. The small blind and big blind both call.

The flop comes Q-10-J rainbow, giving you the stone-cold nuts. The small blind bets out, the big blind folds, and you just call, slow-playing your monster hand.

The turn is a 7. The small blind bets out again. This time you put in a raise - the small blind thinks it over and then pushes in, and you immediately call.

The small blind turns over 8-9 for a straight, but is "drawing dead" to your higher straight. No matter what the river brings, your opponent can't win the hand. Therefore, he is "drawing dead".

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