Definition of Dark Bet

What does the term "dark bet" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "dark bet"?

In poker, a "dark bet" refers to a bet that is made either:

a) before you look at your hand pre-flop
b) before the next street is dealt

The King defines the poker term Dark Bet.  What is the meaning?  What is an example?  Read on.

Let's look at two examples of "betting in the dark":

1. You are playing in a $1/$2 cash game at your local casino.

With the board reading Ac-Ah-2c, you are first to act and check holding As-Kd. Your opponent bets and you call.

Before the turn card is dealt, you announce your bet of $75. This is called "betting in the dark", as you are betting before the turn has been dealt. Your opponent instafolds and you take down the pot. Obviously "betting in the dark" in this situation could be construed as a sign of strength.

2. You are getting low on chips in a Multi-Table Tournament. Action folds around to you in the big blind. With only 5 BBs left, you push all-in without having checked your cards, as you are getting blinded and anted out and need to make a move.

This is another example of a "dark bet", as you are making a move without having checked your cards.

In this case, you feel that you are compelled to push with any two cards, especially given the size of your stack.


These are both examples of "dark bets".

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