2005 World Series of Poker Won By Joe Hachem

Published on July 16th, 2005, 8:09 pm EST

Joseph Hachem took down 7.5 million dollars as he captured the World Series of Poker crown. Hachem won with 7/3, as the board came down 4/5/6. Him and his opponent, Steve Dannenmann, battled into the early hours of Saturday morning, and it was past 6 am when Hachem captured the crown. The two warriors got all their chips in after the turn, with Dannenmann holding A/3 for top pair and Hachem holding 7/3 for a straight.

Dannenmann took home 4.5 million dollars for his efforts; this year was unique in that everyone at the final table became a millionaire.

Front-runner going into the final table, Mike Matusow, went out first when his pocket tens were all in against a gutshot straight. A four came down, and Matusow was eliminated. Matusow was involved in a remarkable hand, when his pocket Kings were all-in preflop against pocket Aces. A King came on the river, giving Matusow a set, but the turn and river gave his opponent a runner runner flush.

Joseph Hachem is your 2005 World Series of Poker winner. This is no fluke; you can't fluke your way through 6000 players and 9 days of competition. Hachem can hold his head high, knowing he is for right now, the best poker player in the world.