Published on February 13th, 2006 4:19 pm EST

The online poker world is abuzz right now after JJProdigy came out and said that he played two accounts in the Party 500k which took place on February 12th, 2006. He played under his regular moniker, and also under "ablackcar", which ended up winning the event.

JJProdigy has claimed that his grandmother was playing in the tournament under "ablackcar", and when the account was starting to do well in the tournament, JJProdigy took over and then won the tournament.

There seems to be two different opinions about this. One side says "he came out and admitted it. Everyone knows that the good players almost always have multiple accounts registered in the same tournament. As long as there is no chip-dumping going on between accounts, then there is nothing wrong with this."

The other side says "Playing two accounts in the same tournament is cheating, straight up, no matter how you slice it."

This has definitely shone a light on a practise that has been taking place for a while, and that is good online players playing more than one account in the same tournament. What do you all think of this practise? Right or wrong?