Published on June 3rd, 2007 5:07 am EST

Yesterday, a thread popped up on Two Plus Two that was started by Rekrul, who is a fairly well-known high stakes poker player currently living in Seoul, Korea.

In the thread, he says that Hallinggol (another popular high-stakes player that I am sure everyone has heard of) has accused him of cheating. In fact, Hallinggol contends that Rekrul has cheated him out of $200,000.

How did this happen? (according to Hallinggol)

Well, according to Hallinggol, the two players had a major multi-table heads-up match a few months ago that resulted in Hallinggol dropping $200k to Rekrul. Hallinggol contends that Rekrul played just a bit too perfectly, and contends that Rekrul must have been using cheating software that allowed him to see Hallinggol's hole cards. Some people have accused "Fast_Freddie" on Prima of doing the same thing, during his epic heads-up battle with Johnny Lodden.

Rekrul posted the entire IM conversation on Two Plus Two, and it is pretty humorous. Humorous and implausible.

As Rekrul points out, he is down $200k playing poker this year, so his cheating software must not be working very well.

As Rekrul points out in his conversation with Hallinggol: if he did indeed have hole card software (which is laughable) why would he play Hallinggol under his own account? Why not make a dummy account, play Hallinggol, destroy him, and then never be heard from again?

And I ask: if Rekrul was able to cheat, why wouldn't he just play in the Sunday Millions, win a couple back to back, and then retire?

In my humble opinion, Hallinggol is out of his mind in this instance. Was this beating at the hands of Rekrul the reason why Hallinggol disappeared from Pokerstars for a number of months?