Party Poker Million III Won By Erick Lindgren

Published on March 19th, 2004, 11:20 pm EST

The Party Poker Million III, which will be shown on the World Poker Tour later this year, concluded with Erick "Edawg" Lindgren putting out Daniel Negreanu to win the first prize of a million dollars.

The championship ended when Negreanu pushed the last of his chips in with a hand of A-4, and Lindgren called him with A-3. Lindgren caught a break when the flop came 5h-7h-3c, giving him a pair of 3's. However, Negreanu was dangerously close to making his straight, but missed it when the last two cards were a Jack and a 5 of diamonds, giving Lindgren two pair and the victory.

The tournament was full of amateur players, as many qualified through Party Poker satellite tournaments. Well known names placed in the top 10 though, including Negreanu at 2nd, Greenstein at 5th, and Scotty Nguyen at 6th. Howard Lederer finished at 22nd.

Phil Hellmuth Jr., expected to finish high in the tournament, was a direct buy-in and was the second player out of the tournament.

This event had the highest prize pool in the history of the World Poker Tour, at 3.8 million dollars. 463 people qualified online, and 83 people bought in directly. Just another testament to the growing popularity of online poker. Here is the final ten:

1) Erick Lindgren
2) Daniel Negreanu
3) Chris Hinchcliffe
4) Steve Zolotow
5) Barry Greenstein
6) Scotty Nguyen
7) John Juanda
8) Jason Adkins
9) David Rogers
10) Kevin Leap