Published on April 19th, 7:44 pm EST

This is a rumor that has been relayed to us by several of our trusted sources. It may or may not be true.

Word has it that Phil Laak was recently playing a $100 / $200 No Limit Hold'em game at the Commerce casino (they normally don't spread this high of a game, but because of the recent tournament action there, they were this time.)

Laak was involved in a hand that had just reached the river. His opponent bet out $2000 in 20 $100 chips. Laak reached into the back of his stack, pulled out 20 $5000 chips, and pushed them towards the center of the table, without saying call or raise.

The dealer told him that because he had pushed $100k into the center of the table, that this was a raise, and he had just raised $98k more.

His opponent, not aware that Phil Laak was shooting an angle, thought that Laak had mistakenly pushed $100k into the center of the table instead of just calling with $2k. Based on the fact that he thought that Laak had just wanted to call, Laak's opponent called the all-in (which was $70k more to him) and ended up losing the hand, as Laak turned up the nuts.

Slick move by Laak or unethical?