A Profile of Daniel Negreanu

Published on March 7th, 2005, 9:47 pm EST

Daniel Negreanu is one of poker's most interesting figures. Why? Well, first off, he was poker's most successful player in 2004, winning Player of the Year and dominating many tournaments that he was in. Also, he posts fairly regularly in his blog, which offers an incredible insight into the mind of a professional poker player. Also, he speaks about the mammoth cash games that he plays in with the likes of Phil Ivey, and the money swings can be mind-boggling.

Negreanu sets himself apart by thinking "out of the box" when he plays poker. Opponents can never put him on any two cards, because Negreanu, under the right circumstances, will play any two cards, and he has an uncanny ability to read his opponent. If the board was 7 7 2, Negreanu may hold 10/7 and his opponent may hold QQ or something. How would an opponent know what Negreanu was holding, if he is willing to play hands like 10/7? Negreanu's strengths come from: reading his opponents, knowing the math and knowing when to release a hand.

Negreanu is a living testament to the fact that poker is more than just luck, it's a large part skill. How else do you explain Daniel placing in the top 10 in SIX events at the 2004 World Series of Poker. That's mind-boggling.

Not only that, but Daniel is one of poker's classiest acts, and a great ambassador for the game. With people like Josh Arieh around screaming and yelling and berating people at the table, it's refreshing to see someone dominate the game and still maintain some class.