Becoming a Popular Poker Streamer on Twitch Requires Consistency, Interaction and Results

Published on August 18th, 2018 9:36 pm EST

Poker video streaming tips - Photo.Becoming a popular poker streamer on definitely has its perks.

Sure, there is the steady income stream in the form of memberships and donations. The biggest perk, however, usually comes in the form of a sponsorship from a site like 888 or Pokerstars. Jaime Staples, Jason Somerville and Parker Talbot are just some of the names that have managed to parlay their followings into lucrative sponsorship deals (Staples and Somerville are signed to Pokerstars, while Talbot has a deal with 888 Poker).

Building up the type of following that translates into a sponsorship deal is no easy task. It takes many, many hours of work and a great deal of consistency.

If you are looking to build up your following, here are five tips to keep in mind:

1) Consistency. Nothing will slow the rate at which you acquire followers/subscribers faster than an inconsistent stream. Why should somebody invest in your channel if you are only sporadically posting new content? The biggest poker streamers were remarkably consistent while they were building up their streams, and you need to be as well if you want to achieve their level of success.

2) Results. People want to watch winners on If you are losing often, you will have a much harder time of attracting viewers. If you are posting strong results and making deep runs in big tournaments, you will attract a great deal of support. Nothing builds your channel faster than making a deep run or two in a high profile event. Work on your game if you want a bigger channel.

3) Interaction. If you want to build your channel, interacting with your supporters always helps. Answer questions while you play. Keep an eye on the chat and chime in with your own thoughts. Give shoutouts to people when they subscribe or donate. The more interactive you are, the better.

4) Promotions. Invest a bit in your channel by teaming up with a poker room to offer up a freeroll to your followers and subscribers. Nothing attracts people faster than the lure of free money.

5) Self-Promotion. Use Instagram, Twitter and other forms of social media to promote your channel and build your followers. If you are starting up a stream, make sure that you inform your Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram followers.


Building a channel is hard work, though anybody can do it with the right amount of effort.