Published on March 26th, 2007 8:00 pm EST

BelowAbove is your prototypical successful online poker player. Young, rich and extremely aggressive. What makes BelowAbove so good is that his reads are spot-on, and he is absolutely fearless with his chips.

BelowAbove will exploit weakness, and always uses the bubble to his advantage. Anytime you watch BelowAbove play, he is always aggressive, but is extra aggressive around the bubble. He will re-raise his stack all-in with nothing but two random cards if he is sure that his opponent just wants to squeak into the money and not risk his stack. Because of this aggressive and smart play, you will often see BelowAbove at final tables. In addition to being able to accumulate a stack, BelowAbove is also an extremely good closer.

BelowAbove can be found dominating the $50 and $100 rebuys on PokerStars and owning the nightly high-buyin tournaments on Full Tilt Poker.