Published on March 23rd, 2007 8:59 pm EST

Annette_15, one of the most dominant online poker players, has been banned from her favorite poker room for the period of one week after being busted by PokerStars management for violating a couple of their rules, including not discussing a hand until it is over and not violating PokerStars rules regarding "team" play.

Here's what happened. During a rebuy tournament, during the rebuy hour, Annette_15 and another player, Riverboom, agreed to go all-in regardless of the cards that they held. Riverboom advised the other players at the table of their intentions, and advised other players not to limp, as they would be pushing all-in.

This broke one of PokerStars rules, plus the players discussed their hands while the hand was still going on, and while other players were still in the hand, with Annette_15 indicating that her hand was "not good."

Pokerstars should clearly be taking action against this kind of behavior, however, this kind of behavior goes on ALL the time during rebuys. It is obvious to me that someone took the time to report Annette_15 (probably due to her status as the top-ranked online poker player) and that is why Pokerstars dropped the hammer on her.

She'll be back in a week.