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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Definition of The Stone Cold Nuts

What is meant by the "stone cold nuts"?

In poker, the "stone cold nuts" refers to a hand that is absolutely unbeatable.

No matter what card is left to come or no matter what cards your opponent holds, you can NOT be beaten in a hand if you hold the stone cold nuts.

The stone cold nuts is the same as holding the "nuts". Both refer to an unbeatable hand.

Example I: You are dealt 9d9h on the button. Everyone has folded to you. You raise it up and are called by the Big Blind.

The flop comes 9s-9c-2c. Your opponent checks, you bet and your opponent calls.

The turn is the 4 of hearts. You now have the "stone cold nuts", meaning that you can't be beaten in the hand.

You didn't have the "stone cold nuts" after the flop. Let's say that your opponent had held pocket tens and the turn and river brought running 10s - you would have lost the pot.

Now that the 4 of hearts has come on the turn, you officially have the stone cold nuts.

Example II. The board read 5h-7h-3d-Ad-6h. You push the rest of your stack into the middle and your opponent snap-calls.

You soon see the bad news - your opponent flips over 8h-9h for a straight flush. He has the stone cold nuts, and your holding is now irrelevant.

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