Review of Full Tilt Poker

Published on May 12th, 2005, 5:48 pm EST

Full Tilt Poker hit the scene last July. Like any other poker room, it was a slow build to attract players to their room. The main attraction was the fact that this room has many pros playing there, including Phil Ivey and Howard Lederer. This alone built up quite a bit of name recognition, and encouraged many people to sign up and deposit, just for a chance to play against some of the top name pros.

The software is definitely unique. You have a chance to pick your own cartoon-like representation of yourself at the table. The site is definitely geared towards the more experienced player, as evidenced by the superior tournament structures and pro-player rake policies.

The company also is aggressive in its bonuses, offering up to $600 as a first time deposit bonus (takes a long time to work off, but still.) Also, the company is aggressive in promoting itself to would-be World Series of Poker players, offering up many free seats and also offering a 10 million dollar bonus to anyone who qualifies for the World Series of Poker through their site and goes on to win it. It's a smart promotion on their part, because if a Full Tilt player did win, they would receive multiples of 10 million dollars in publicity and new players (look at and the victories of Moneymaker and Raymer.) When you sign up, use the bonus code of THEKING to get your maximum bonus.

For the experienced player, it is definitely worth opening an account at Full Tilt. The King highly recommends it, and is hosting most of our league games at Full Tilt from now on.